Selflessness by Natalie Krouse

Posted: January 17, 2014 by sarammiller in Culture, God
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Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.  -Philippians 2:4 

Selflessness is, and always has been a rare quality.  We live to satisfy ourselves with no thought of others.  We do this sometimes without even realizing it.  As human beings, this comes naturally to us.  We end up offending others and even breaking relationships through our selfishness.  It is easy to be selfish.  It is easy because we are wired that way, but it is easy also because of how things are portrayed in today’s world.  In our culture we are constantly made to believe through advertisements, magazines, television and movies that getting what you want when you want it will make you happy.  And all of this further caters to our self-centeredness by telling us that we deserve what we want when we want it! We hear things like, “Live in the moment,” “Do what you want,” and “Do what makes you feel good.”

We are easily fooled into believing that “things” will fulfill us and make us happy, and beyond that, we feel that we are entitled to them.  But the fact is, selfishly adding more stuff to our already cluttered lives does not make us happy.  If you follow any entertainment news you will see that some of the unhappiest people are those who are rich and famous.  It is no wonder that our world is full of unfulfilled people when unfulfilled people are our idols.

How can we break the cycle of selfish living?  First, we must make the decision to be different from the norm.  We must be able to step outside of ourselves and realize that the needs of others are more important than any of the selfish things that we want–the things that we think will make us happy but only leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied.  Secondly, if we made the effort to do something for someone else every day, I believe it would change our lives.  Give to someone in need, whether it is your time, money or things.  A simple selfless act can have a far-reaching effect.


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